Herb Basics: What is Yunnan Baiyao?

Have you heard of a drug that has been used for over a century and trusted by hundreds of millions of people? This article will introduce this magic drug -Yunnan Baiyao (YNBY) to you.

YNBY was developed by Huanzhang Qu, a famous doctor, in 1902. In 1955, YNBY was produced by the Kunming Pharmaceutical Factory, the predecessor of Yunnan Baiyao Company, to guarantee its quality.

Like Coca-Cola, YNBY’s formula was kept secret. The magic formula was not fully disclosed, however, the most important ingredient was revealed to the public - Panax Notoginseng. It is a herb known as “ more precious than gold” because it is as valuable as Ginseng.

Yunnan Baiyao has a variety of effects, the following are specific descriptions of it.

  • Hemostasis: YNBY can stop bleeding by inducing the secretion of coagulation factors.
  • DissolveStasis: YNBY can help to cure the bruise by improving microvascular circulation.
  • Anti-Inflammation: YNBY can inhibit the mediators causing inflammation and promote the secretion of cortin.
  • Heal Wound: YNBY can accelerate the cure of vessels by promoting the secretion of cell growth factors, which facilitates the healing of wounds
  • Anti-Cancer: Two saponins inYNBY show the properties of anticancer.

Whether it is chronic arthritis or sharp’s wounds, YNBY is always an ideal choice to cure them.